This website is mostly my web development playground. I like to implement features I learn here. At the same time, I use it to showcase my skills, background, and interests as well as store my research & reading notes. I realized that a blog is a good way of improving my writing skills, reinforcing my knowledge, and disseminating it to help as many people as possible, so I decided to host one as well.

I’m a senior undergraduate at Northeastern University studying Electrical & Computer engineering. I am passionate about robotics research and am always looking to make new robot “friends”. I am currently applying to PhD programs and R&D jobs (as a backup) in robotics. Information here can also be found in my CV.

You’ll find me:

  • Talking to robots in Northeastern’s RIVeR lab
  • In the woods or on a mountain, probably in New Hampshire, trail running
  • At home enjoying Mama’s food <3

My research interests are:

  • Shared Autonomy
  • Intersection of model and data-based control using reinforcement learning
  • Field robots in stochastic environments

I’ve worked at:

  • Arcelik - Robotics R&D Co-op
  • iRobot - Lead Systems Engineering & Integration Test Intern
  • Neuro Behavioral Center - Co-Founder

Story So Far


The work I did and the people I met at the RIVeR lab had a profound effect in motivating my research specializations. I always wanted to be at the forefront of technology/ideas/groups and research satiated that ambition since I was sitting at the edge of human knowledge. Thus, I’ve decided to pursue a PhD in shared autonomy, using my background in shared control, to find a novel means of enhancing safe human-robot teams without sacrificing performance.

Selected News and Features

Unlocked Achievements

Professional & Academic

Northeastern College of Engineering Honors 2019
Northeastern Presidential Global Scholarship 2018
Northeastern Excellence Scholarship 2015 - 2019
IEEE-HKN Member and Tutor 2017
Tau Beta Pi Member 2017

Sports & Social

Boston Spartan Sprint 2nd Place (20-24 Age Group)^1 2018
NJ Tri-State Spartan Beast Top 10% 2018
USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals 7th (83kgs)^2 2017
USA Powerlifting Winter Classic 1st Place (83kgs) 2017