Person Following Controller

Posted on July 1, 2018 at 12:00

Tags: Research Competition

OpenPose and a simple PID

One of my fellow lab members prototyped a person tracker that locates the ‘trunk’ of a person in an image and returns the X-Y position in the image and depth using OpenPose. I wrote PID controllers for linear and angular velocity which have a robot follow the person using the data from OpenPose.

You can see that it’s pretty good at keeping track of a person even in a dynamic environment with other people.

Future Work

The controller however is not accurate all the time and is prone to losing a person from time to time. Furthermore, oscillation is pretty noticeable despite tuning the PID parameters. My next steps are to:

  1. Create an Image Based Visual Servo controller for smoother object following and control.
  2. Integrate obstacle avoidance to avoid crashing into objects.