ROS Workshops

Posted on March 5, 2018 at 12:49

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I have taught interactive ROS workshops that go over the concepts of nodes, topics, publishers & subscribers, actions, and services. I use a web based ROS environment (The Construct Simulator) for showing examples and getting attendees feet wet with minimal setup.

ROS Workshop at iRobot

As lead Systems Engineering and Integration Test (SEIT) intern at iRobot, I was tasked with intern onboarding, tool training, and orientation for a group of 9 interns. Since one of the policies at iRobot was that we could use 10% of our time for a personal project, I decided to use it to teach the other interns the basics of ROS over the span of a month.

ROS Workshops at Northeastern

I volunteered to give a ROS Workshop as part of a series of workshops sponsored by Northeastern’s Wireless Club in collaboration with IEEE’s Northeastern Chapter.